Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Trade and Industry

Company Names

Choosing a Name

In short, the name chosen for a company must not be confusing, misleading or offensive.

A name must not be the same or similar to:

  • as a name already on the register in Lesotho, or

  • any well-known trade name or trademark.

It must not (unless specifically approved) imply a connection with:

  • the Crown,

  • any part of government, or

  • an international institution.

It must comply with any relevant legislation.

Name Endings

Apart from a non-profit company which has been specifically exempted from this requirement, the name of a private company must end in “Proprietary” (or “Pty”) and “Limited” (or “Ltd”).

The name of a public company must end in “Limited” (or “Ltd”).

Checking whether a name is available

Enter a key word from the proposed name.

We will list any names which include the word(s) you specify. Please consider carefully whether the name you are proposing is too like any of these names. If you submit an application to register a company name which is too like an existing name or which breaks any of the rules above, your application will be rejected.

Enter Name:




Company Statistics

Total Companies in Lesotho:

32, 671  (as of Mar. 2018)

Active Companies to date:

15,949  (as of Mar. 2018)

Top 10 Industries:

1. Construction 9 946
2. Real estate/property management 1 634
3. Mining 1 267
4. Catering 1 191
5. Cleaning services 1 033
6. Consultancy 1 010
7. Security services 516
8. Printing 344
9. Sewerage 103

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