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Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Trade and Industry

About OBFC


The Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho is committed to creating an enabling regulatory and administrative environment in which business can operate. To this end, the Government has initiated the One-Stop Business Facilitation Centre (also known as the One Stop Shop). 

Governance Framework

On the 12th February 2009 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by all the agencies that have deployed personnel to the OBFC. The said purpose of the MOU is to facilitate cooperation between the agencies on the operation of the OBFC. It establishes the position of the Director of the OBFC who is to be the overall head of the OBFC working with team leaders from each deploying agency.

The MOU also establishes a Steering Committee which is the governance structure of the OBFC consisting of the Principal Secretaries of MTICM, MOHAPS and MoLE, the Registrar General, the Commissioner General of the LRA and the Director who is also the Secretary of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee functions include supporting the OBFC, advising on policy, monitory and evaluation of the performance of the OBFC and approve work plans, budgets and annual reports.

The One Stop Business Facilitation Centre comprises of officials from the Lesotho Revenue Authority, the Ministries of Trade and Industry, Labour and Employment and Home Affairs. It provides services relating to the issuance of import permits, exports visas, trading small scale manufacturing and manufacturing licences and work and residence permits, SACU National Body and Company Registration.


Company Statistics

Total Companies in Lesotho:

32, 671  (as of Mar. 2018)

Active Companies to date:

15,949  (as of Mar. 2018)

Top 10 Industries:

1. Construction 9 946
2. Real estate/property management 1 634
3. Mining 1 267
4. Catering 1 191
5. Cleaning services 1 033
6. Consultancy 1 010
7. Security services 516
8. Printing 344
9. Sewerage 103

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