Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Trade and Industry

International Trade Administration Division

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Ø Mandate

Ø Tariff Investigations

Ø Trade Remedies



The tariff investigation section promotes domestic production, job creation and international competitiveness. The activities of this section are geared towards the lowering of cost structures on industrial inputs through tariff reform, thereby promoting downstream value-added industrialization.

Trade remedies section: trade remedies instruments are critical government interventions to retain jobs and promote investment, and also to level the play to ensure that foreign firms compete fairly with domestic firms.

Tariff Investigations


  • Investigating changes in custom duties

  • Carry and facilitate impact assessment studies on the use of tariff instrument

  • Carry preliminary tariff investigations

  • Evaluate tariff change requests

  • Investigate the design of rebates and drawbacks

Trade Remedies


  • Anti-dumping (action against dumping)

  • Countervailing measures (anti-subsidy)

  • Safe guard measures


Company Statistics

Total Companies in Lesotho:

32, 671  (as of Mar. 2018)

Active Companies to date:

15,949  (as of Mar. 2018)

Top 10 Industries:

1. Construction 9 946
2. Real estate/property management 1 634
3. Mining 1 267
4. Catering 1 191
5. Cleaning services 1 033
6. Consultancy 1 010
7. Security services 516
8. Printing 344
9. Sewerage 103

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