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Botswana BTIC Visits Lesotho to Learn about Information Trade Portal

Maseru, Lesotho-March 19, 2015: A delegation comprising two officers, Mr.Moemeli Mokgosi Director, research and competitiveness and Mr. Moabi Phia , Manager Export promotion from Botswana Investment and Trade Centre was on a study tour in Lesotho on 18-19 March, 2015 to learn about Lesotho Information Trade portal as they are intending to launch a similar web hub in that country in the near future.During the tour, the delegation met information resource agencies which involve Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Lesotho Revenue Authority.

On the first day 18 March, 2015, deliberations responded to the visitors’ concerns, among them frequently asked questions (FAQ) by Exporters. Here it was explained that the questions were pre-designed by resource agencies. On the issue of challenges faced by Lesotho Portal team, they were warned that resource agencies, more often did not give information on time as expected hence the outdated information on the web. Another challenge was that, people did not comply with the laws and regulations that govern business in Lesotho.

The discussions further revealed that the Memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the resource agencies provided that, they should give information to the OBFC while the latter was also mandated to source it. In the question of the role of other government Ministries to the portal such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was explained that at the development stage of the web, the team tried to simplify the process by working only with the core Ministries and agencies (Primary stakeholders) that have to give information to the Lesotho information Trade portal, due to their nature of their responsibilities which involve export and imports activities and trade across borders. There were about twelve government Ministries in this MoU, and LRA as a Parastatal member, was the thirteenth member.

The Lesotho portal team pointed out that, in order to make the portal known to the business community, they had extensively publicised its existence on other media houses so that the information reaches those who did not have access to the internet. They had made it known through local radio stations, newspapers, on information screens available at LRA, at the border posts in Maputsoe and Maseru Bridge and at the OBFC’s office and website; it is also available on video clips. The second day of the meeting, 19 March, 2015 both participants, Botswana delegation and Lesotho Information Trade Portal team exchanged views on a range of topics, including the general information about immigration requirements of people who come to Lesotho for business or tourism.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health focal persons, Mr. Mahomo and Mr. Elia provided an overview of the type of information the Ministry gave to the portal for public consumption. They noted that their role was to warn Traders about diseases when coming to Lesotho, especially those concerning environmental health as they were more concerned about people’s lives. They also gave an update on the information about medicine and medical devises regulations and pharmaceutical regulations. They indicated that, familiarity with the Ministry of Health requirements is very important for businesses that manufacture or plan to sell, transport or import any of the Health regulated commodities. To reach Lesotho market, these products must comply with the applicable laws and the science – based public health rules developed and enforced by the departments of Environmental Health, Medical and medical devices regulations and the pharmaceutical regulations in the Ministry.

Lesotho Information Trade Portal, the first in Africa was developed jointly by Ministry of Trade and LRA. It was launched in March, 2014 and is currently hosted and managed at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing in the Department of One Stop Business Facilitation Centre (OBFC). The portal is the single stop point for all information relating to trade issues, globally. It is currently available at the Maputsoe and Maseru borderposts where walk-in clients can access it. It can also be found at the Ministry of Trade, OBFC or visit our website at:

‘Malempe Mokoma :( Communication and Advocacy Officer) OBFC
Cel: 266-57527270
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Total Companies in Lesotho:

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